December 9, 2021

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Bursting balloons in my stockings

I love having fun, and whats more fun then inflating and bursting balloons? Of course, in my stockings! I adore balloons they are colorful, cheerful, and they remind me of childhood and innocence. Playing with them is such a nice thing to do. Heating that burst, like the air itself is bursting and this makes me act all childlike. I love sitting in my stockings, doing stuff. If it were for me, I would do everything dressed like that. It makes me feel free and comfortable and sexy at the same time. My pictures are cure and beautiful and they have a touch of erotic in them.

I dont like to over do things. I just enjoy my passion for stockings and try to create a context for each pair that Im buying. I am not the centre piece of these pictures; I am just trying to attract attention in my own, subtle way. When I made these photos I was thinking about childhood and happy time and this idea just came to me naturally. It was fun and new and I hope you will like it. I have all sorts of ideas and if you join my site you can have exclusive access to my newest galleries. Be among the first who get the see me in a new pair of stocking every week, creating new stories and just being my self. In my light pink blouse with skin colored stockings, I inflate and burst balloons with a childlike passion and care. I think I look really cute and sweet and kind of erotic at the same time. That was what I was going for and I hope I did just that. Join me for more pictures and share my love of stockings.