August 15, 2022

Anita And Her BBW Friend Posing

Anita and her sexy BBW friend are back, and still posing and just generally having a good time in front of the camera. Both of these BBW housewives are nasty and kinky, and have no problem with doing the sluttiest stuff in front of the camera. They both feel right at home in the spot light, their big natural bodies taking center stage in what is a very sexy outdoors photo shoot. Neither of them have a problem with showing off their natural bodies in all their glory, nor do they have a problem feeling each other up and making out during the shoot. Something tells me they are just being spontaneous and having a good time, and who can blame them? Exhibitionist housewives like Anita and her friend are the best kind of wives around. They aren’t the least bit shy about showing off their great bodies, and will do so at the drop of a hat. Both of their natural bodies have great curves, so we’re guaranteed an excellent show.

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